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Concrete Must Never Be Allowed To Be Gray & Boring

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Folks, property owners who decide to leave their concrete walls gray and boring deserve to be scolded. They may also deserve to be passed without any further ado. Because in their street are folks more than likely doing their best to please by adding a little color, and more (if they can), to their concrete walls and other concrete fixtures. Folks who leave things as they are must be lazy. If not that, they could be characteristically tardy. It is wondered how well they do in business. Never mind them. Colorful folks with colorful tenements stand a better chance. Or if the statistics have not yet shone a positive light on any specific individual then he or she surely deserves a shot.

It is called concrete in colors, or colored concrete. All concrete finishes san marcos ca area wide have been produced from chemicals. Colors are manufactured in order to achieve set color standards, like how colorful would you like your wall to be perhaps? You can paint it black. But surely not. You can have it in brown, but that’s a tad too plain, wouldn’t you think. But it’s coming a little closer to nature. So how about mixing in a little red, ochre or tan. Gray walls are dirty walls. Colored walls are decorative walls. But color is not the be all and end all. Things become a bit more interesting. Now it’s time to start thinking of the finishes (it was mentioned earlier, not so).  

Take your pick. Go with a broom finish. Add in sand. Or go rustic, but never boring, with stamped concrete. Give your commercial property’s perimeters what they call the ‘exposed aggregate finish’. Or add in ‘full depth exposure’.